When in the UK if you find your self refused a mortgage for any reason, there is a place you can turn to.

Many of the Mortgage company's today charge high fee's and add their own % onto the monthly fees. Why should you have to pay them twice? When you by a meal in a restaurant you certainly would not accept being charged twice, so why do it with mortgages?

Have you been declined a mortgage in the UK? As you are reading this site, I will assume you have been or at the very least, you expect to be.

After lots of searching around we have found a good company, a one man band, that takes care of all the messing around, all the negotiations and all the paperwork. Steven Neale is just that man. If you are in the UK and have been declined a mortgage, check out his website www.stevenneale.co.uk

He does have fee's however they are one off fees and they are not large fees. The first fee is after he has secured a company to agree to give you a mortgage, the second fee is once you have signed on the dotted line and have your mortgage ready to use. No repeat fees, no extortionate fees. What you see is what you get.

He also has a list of happy uses, one of which is me. I receive no payment for sending you to his site, so rest assured I am not selling anything to you.

His website gives you all the information you could need to make an informed decision and he is more than welcome to help guide you through the whole process. 

Just remember

Steve = UK Mortgage Declined


Steven Neale = UK Mortgage Refused

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Declined a mortgage in the UK